Q. What does “Anime x Other Industries” stand for?

A. Recently there have been more and more cases that businesses outside anime industries, such as manufacturing companies, logistics, finance, tourism, and municipal organizations, are involved in marketing and promotional activities collaborating with anime, manga, characters, and video games. Ani-Momozukuri Awards was established to commend superior projects among these approaches and contribute to further development of businesses, involved industries, and the revitalization of local areas.

Q. Can a sale of new product promoted by a company from entertainment industry considered eligible for applying to the award?

A. Unfortunately not. As “Anime x Other Industries” is the major theme of the award, promotion of products from companies in anime/game/publishing industry is not eligible for the application.
However, cases such as follows could possibly become eligible;
A company from entertainment industry (=owns characters/entertainment content to promote)


collaborated with an automobile company and produced an official painted car, promoting the car and the painted character


collaborated with food manufacturer and produced a new food product, whose package contains the image of a character


collaborated with a craftworker and had him create an exhibit of a character

For further inquiries on the application eligibility please reach planning committee.

Q. Can a project where one of the award’s selector or supporting company is involved considered eligible for applying to the award?

A. Either case can be eligible for the application. In such case however, the selector will not vote to the project he/she or the company he/she belongs was directory involved, to protect the impartiality of the award’s selecting process. Project will not be dealt unreasonably due to the involvement of selectors/supporting company to the applied project.

Q. Is admission fee not required for the application?

A. Application and selection are free of charge. Please note however that expenses such as production of materials for application, postal fee, transportation and accommodation to the award event must be covered by applicants.

Q. Is it necessary to get permission by concerned parties prior to the application?

A. Yes. The permission is a must. The example of the concerned parties is the author of the title (animation company, illustrator, publishing company), manufacturer selling the product, advertising agency created the applied TV commercial, production studios, and voice actor agent, etc.
Application and the prize can be cancelled once the planning committee is aware that it does not have relevant permissions. In case the Committee receives any claims of copyright infringements or damage compensation by third parties, the applicant holds the Committee harmless against such claims, and shall be fully responsible for dealing with the case properly, including the cost burden.

Q. What benefit can be given in case we get a prize?

A. Award recipient will be given a trophy and a letter of commendation from the planning committee. Unfortunately, cash prize will not be given.
The prize can be introduced in the website of the recipient company or at their promotional activities afterward. Rules and guidelines for utilizing the award logo is available here.

Q. Who can become a prizewinner?

A. Companies/organizations such as the seller the manufacturer, or the advertiser of the applied item.


Automobile manufacturer: for their new product collaborating with a popular animation content


A company/organization creating traditional craft: for the created product collaborating with a popular animation content


A food manufacturer: for their TV advertisement promoting their new food product collaborating with animation studio who created the ad


A municipal organization: for their promotion to tourism to the area

Q. Who should fill in the entry sheet?

A. Anyone would be fine as long as the person is involved in the project and from the company directly involved with the project for the application (i.e. a person in charge from advertising agency or production studio involved in the promotional activity). Please remind once again that the permission by the author and concerned parties (if any) prior to the application is a must.

Q. How will the videos and images the applicants submit upon the application be used?

A. The committee will use them on the selection process, at the announcement event, on the award’s official website, and seminars the hosted or supported by the committee, such as;


During the selection procedure (not disclosed to public)


Nomination announcement on the award’s official website (Only the project name and company name to be introduced, images will not be used)


Prize winner announcement at the prize giving event (key visual and video will be used)


Prize winner announcement on the award’s official website (key visual and video will be used)


Prize winner announcement in the award’s press release (key visual will be used)


At seminars and webinars where a person involved in the committee presents (key visual and video will be used)


In case the applicant do not wish to, due to the copyright matter, have visuals not used on the award’s official website, etc, please contact the committee beforehand.

Q. Can a project which have been continuing more than 2 years (=before January 2020) considered eligible for the application?

A. Projects that have had any new achievements (i.e. new products or services launched, an event was held, a sequel of animated TV ad was publicized) during the period eligible for the application (=project implemented between January 2020 and July 2022) considered eligible.

Q. What can be accepted for “Animation CM Category”?

A. Animated motion pictures publicized on TV or websites will be considered. No limitation of the length of the picture is set. As “Anime x Other Industries” is the major theme of the award, animated TV CM or promotional videos shared to YouTube created, for instance, by automobile companies, food manufacturer, convenience store chain, or municipal organization are accepted.


Animated TV CM created by an automobile company collaborating with an anime title


TV CM created for a Food manufacture utilizing its original character


A TV CM created for a company produced by a popular anime studio or animation director to promote the company


A video created for a company collaborating with a popular character to introduce its products


An animated CM created for Municipal organization/public office to promote a local city or an area.

Q. What can be accepted for “Contents Collaboration Category”?

A. Collaboration projects, utilizing the characteristic of anime, manga, characters, video games, and light novels etc., implemented to promote commercial goods and services are accepted.


Animated TV CM created to promote a company


Foods/Beverages collaborating with characters of a light novel


Underwear item with anime character utilized in its design


Municipal organization/public office collaborates with a popular animation character for a campaign.

Q. What can be accepted for “Original Contents Category”?

A. Projects implemented by companies/organizations to develop commercial goods/services/advertising promotion utilizing the company’s original character are accepted.


A company’s original character created to promote its products, and the promotional activities utilizing the character


A company’s original character for SNS to promote the company


Promotional campaign implemented by a company utilizing an anthropomorphized character created based on its product


A company’s original character utilized for the company’s CM


Applications/Web services utilizing animated characters


Advertising narration utilizing animation voice actors


Original characters/animated video created for the purpose of revitalization of local areas or attract tourism

Q. What can be accepted for “Craft Design Category”?

A. Among commercial goods, collaborated items, and novelties that utilize anime, manga, etc., those with superior craft design are accepted. Items with superior designs or concept that incorporate the characteristic of the animation are ideal.


Japanese traditional crafts such as potteries, swords, kimono collaborates with popular animation


Sophisticatedly designed products targeted mainly to adults collaborating with popular Japanese animation


Fashion merchandise with a good design which is not limited to having character images alone


Toys wish sophisticated design and concept which is not limited to a mere character toys

Q. What can be accepted for “Technology and Innovation Category”?

A. Products and services that combine anime/manga/characters and information technology and therefore entertaining and highly technologically innovative will be considered.


Services for watching animation utilizing technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR)


Highly entertaining character Bot application utilizing Artificial Intelligence


A new experience device that combining projection mapping and animation

Q. What can be accepted for “International Category”?

Marketing activities, such as TV ads, collaboration, craft designs that utilizes Japanese anime/manga/game/characters implemented in areas outside Japan will be considered.


A company from ASEAN region creates TV commercial of its products collaborating with Japanese anime


A US company promotes its products utilizing popular Japanese anime character


Promotional activities utilizing Japanese animation or manga, targeted to international tourists visiting Japan

Q. What can be accepted for “Regional Revitalization Category”?

A. Items and efforts implemented by companies/organizations/municipal bodies for the purpose of revitalizing the business in local regions utilizing anime/manga/characters will be considered.


Promotional activities implemented to attract tourism to local areas, utilizing Japanese animation or manga


Promotional activities implemented to attract tourism to areas and cities appeared in anime, manga, etc.


Projects to promote local traditional handcrafts collaborating anime, manga, or characters


Events hosted to promote and revitalize local areas collaborating anime, manga, or characters

Q. Is it mandatory to attend the award ceremony?

A. No it isn’t. Applicants will not be treated unreasonably during the selection process even when they are not available for the ceremony.

Q. How do we submit video materials?

A. Please submit through online or in DVD posted directly to the planning committee.

Q. What should we fill in “Copyright Notice” part in the entry form?

A. It is a copyright indication of the collaborated title. In other words, in case the applied item has copyright owner please specify the indication (i.e. copyright of an animation title, copyright of a illustration used for the package of collaborated item, etc.).

Q. Will the name of the producers be introduced once the award winner has been announced?

A. In principle, the main party of the project such as the original seller or the advertiser will become the prize winner. However, the related parties and individuals such as production studio, advertising agency, illustrator, etc., will be accepted and introduced in the credit which will be introduced int the award’s official website. Further details to be informed directly to the award winner after the announcement of the winner.

Q. Is there any designated format for the video material for the application?

A. Any formats that allows commonly used PCs to watch will be accepted, such as MP4/MOV/MPEG. Please feel free to reach us for further inquiries.

Q. Are we allowed to use the logo or the name of “Ani-Monozukuri Award”?

A. Award recipients as well as the nominees may introduce the receipt or the nomination in the company’s official website/press release/official SNS, with the logo and title of the award. In this case the standard nomenclature of the relevant year must be written (i.e. “Kyoto Ani-Monozukuri Award 2022” in case the party is awarded in 2022).
Prior application for logo usage is not mandatory, but it is appreciated if the recipient or the nominee inform the usage to us afterword. Award recipient is allowed to use the special logo for the award winner with free of charge 2 years after the after receiving the prize. In case the recipients wish to include the logo for merchandize or promotional materials (CM, flyers, web banner, etc.) please contact with the planning committee beforehand.
For the logo usage, the committee holds rights to withdraw once we judge that the usage undermines the philosophy of the award, have possibility of creating misunderstanding or inappropriate.

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