Privacy Policy

Ani-Monozukuri Award (hereinafter called “the Award”) would like all applicants, upon the application, to agree with our collection and the use of personal information of the person in charge of companies/organizations applying to the award. Ani-Monozukuri Award Planning Committee (hereinafter called “the Committee”) establishes a fundamental policy on the protection of personal information as follows, acknowledging that he proper use of personal information is our social responsibility and duty.

1. Personal Information

Personal Information is defined as information related to existing individuals, that the person in charge can be identified by the name, address, date of birth and other description, personally allocated number/code/other sign/image, and voice included in the information.

2. Purpose of collecting Personal Information

The Committee utilizes the collected information for the following purposes;
(1) to perform necessary communication related to the selection of the Awards
(2) to announce events/seminars the Awards or the Committee hosts or supports
(3) to distribute e-mail newsletter published by the Committee
(4) to conduct survey, request an interview, and make inquiries
(5) to answer to inquiries made by the person in charge, or other purposes that the Committee acknowledges to the person face-to-face or by mail and gains consensus beforehand

3. Assignment of the usage of Personal Information

For the purpose of collecting Personal Information stated in the previous clause, the Committee can assign the usage of Personal Information to external parties. In this case, the Committee is responsible for the prevention of leakage of the Personal Information and other accidents, and must take control to the parties so they exercise the extreme caution dealing with the information.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to third party

The Committee will not disclose the Personal Information without the prior consent of the owner of the information. However, as applicable to the following cases the Committee can disclose the Personal Information to third parties without the prior consent of the owner of the information.
(1) (1) in case it is required by statutes
(2) in case it is required for the purpose of protecting one’s life, body, and estate but difficult to gain consent of the owner
(3) in case the Committee needs to cooperate with the enforcement of clerical works that are handled by national or municipal governmental body or its assignee, but getting the prior consent of the owner can be an obstacle to the enforcement.
In addition to above, the Committee can report the Personal Information to police and/or other concerned organizations in case it comes to the Committee’s attention that the person in charge created disadvantages to the Committee.

5. Disclosure, correction, unsuspend, and Delete of the Personal Information

The Committee may disclose the Personal Information as applicable to the following case; when required by the owner of the Personal Information, the Committee must disclose it within reasonable range and without delay, provided, however that it may harm other person’s life, body, and estate of others or it causes serious disadvantages to the Committee’s operation.
The Committee shall respond to the request in case the person in charge wishes to correct, unsuspend or delete the Personal Information for the purpose of protecting its rights and interests.

About the usage of Cookie

Cookie is a function that the record of one’s visit to websites and webpages are stored and collected in its personal computer.
The Award’s website utilizes Cookie for the purpose of upgrading the website’s viewing and will statistically deal with and analyze it. In addition, for the purpose of measuring the impact and effect of events and seminars hosted by the Committee, the Committee may receive the contents that are statistically processed based on the Cookie information collected by external service. Information collected through Cookie will not include contents that allows the Committee to identify any personnel who visits the website.
Visitors of the Award’s website can nullify Cookie depending on the setting of their browser. Upon the nullification of the function, it may not cause issues in the usage of the Award’s website.

The Planning Committee properly review and amend the above clauses.
The amended policy will duly be posted to the Award’s website.

Supplementary Clause
Enforcement Date: 20 February 2018
Amended: 30 April 2021
Ani-Monozukuri Award Planning Commitee

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