Animonozukuri Awards

Founded back in 2017, we will be hosting the 6th Ani-Monozukuri Awards this year. We deeply thank supports by all related parties involved, including Kyo-Mafu (Kyoto International Anime Fair), CMEX, city of Kyoto, related supporter’s organization, and the entities/companies who applied to the award in the past.

With the recent circumstances that streaming services have been flourishing and some theatrical anime have marked blockbuster hit, anime has been watched by many generations. We see this as a sign that anime has become a national popular entertainment. And with its growing popularity, the marketing activities by commercial companies utilizing the anime/manga/characters have been expanding and the contents are becoming varied and complicated. It has also been used by municipal governments for the purpose of regional revitalization. In addition, we see such phenomena increasing outside Japan.

We would like to have your wonderful creations and pieces of work applied to the awards and, we are hoping to, through the awards, contribute to the further development of “Anime x Other Industries”, as well as the advancement of your business.

12 May 2023
Ani-Monozukuri Awards Planning Committee

What is Ani-Monozukuri Award?

“Anime x Other Industry” fest,
first-ever held in Japan!

Ani-Monozukuri Award is the first Japanese award that gives commendations to tie-up advertisements , commercial goods and services that are collaborated with Japanese anime and manga.
It has been recently becoming quite common in Japan that people, not only kids and teenagers but also adults, enjoy anime, and with this trend companies from various industries such as automobile, food, and IT, as well as public office and autonomous bodies, start utilizing anime to create tie-up advertisements and commercial goods.
This could generate new business chances and opportunities for animation industry and, in addition, for commercial companies to expand their market and create new commercial goods and services. Japan-made animation and manga have been evolving into a new industry by getting both contents industry and many others including advertisements, distributions, tourism involved.
Ani-Monozukuri Award is run hoping to support all the industries and companies involved, give delights to all anime fans, and for the future growth of the entire industry. We do hope the recent examples of collaboration between anime and companies can contribute to the expansion of anime and various industries in your country.


July 14 2023

Entry deadline (application must arrive within the day in Japan Standard Time)

August 2023

Nominated items will be announced.

*Nominees will be reached by email as well as being introduced on the award’s official website.

September 2023

At Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2023, an event announcing the prize winner will be held.

Application Guideline

Items eligible for application

Any products/services/advertisements/promotions that utilize anime/manga/characters/etc., and Between 1 January 2021 and 14 July 2023.


International Category

Marketing activities, such as TV ads, collaboration, craft designs that utilizes Japanese anime/manga/game/characters implemented in areas outside Japan will be considered.


As a special award of International Category, "China Special Award" will be established. Among the items applied to the category the ones implemented in China and considered excellent will be awarded. In order to be considered for China Special Award, applicants must apply to International Category.


Only direct applications are accepted in principle. Application to more than one category is accepted.


Items applied in the past to the first to the third Animonozukuri Award and Kyoto Animonozukuri Award 2020 are NOT to be considered. Applications however can be considered in case of a new series of the CM or the collaborated item are released or publicized within the application period of the award this year.


As “Anime x Other Industries” is the theme of the awards, items such as the promotions of new volume of a manga planned by a publishing company or commercial toys that are mere merchandise of an anime will not be considered. For further clarifications please feel free to reach us.


Categories may change without prior notice depending on the situation.

How to apply

Please fill in the entry sheet (available on our official website) and email to along with supplement documents.


UP to 10 documents (key visual, image of goods/events/etc, website images) will be considered.

Eligible Applicants

Companies/People in charge who are directly involved with the creation/implementation of the applied items.


Applicants must obtain permissions from copyright holder(s) or concerned parties prior to the entry.

Application deadline

Between Friday 12 May and 14 July 2023 (Application must arrive within the date in Japan Standard Time).

Selection and announcement


Planning committee will screen all applied items, then selectors will be doing final review to decide the award winner.


At Kyoto International Manga/Anima Fair to be held in September 2023, an event announcing the prize winner of each category (First-Place Award and Award of Excellence) will be held. Awarded items will also be introduced on “Ani-Monozukuri” official website


Chief Selector


Started his career at TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd after graduating School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Also graduated Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Afterwards he further advanced his career at a venture firm and then joined NTT DOCOMO INC. where he was involved in the launch of many services such as “i-Mode ” and “Osaifu-Keitai (mobile wallet service)” and held an executive officer position. At this moment he works as Specially Invited Professor, Director of Cyber Informatics Research Institute, Kindai University, managing director of KADOKAWA CORPORATION, DWANGO Co., Ltd, as well as the outside board director of transcosmos inc., GREE Inc., USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS, and Oracle Corporation Japan.
He is involved in various projects, such as a project that controls the scouting and the nurturing of IT-specialized personnel managed by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and co-chairman of COOL JAPAN public-private partnership platform.


Satoshi ENDO
Satoshi ENDO

A principle researcher of KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc. Between 1990 and 2002 he worked as an editor and editor in chief of Monthly ASCII magazine. After being a board member of ASCII Inc., he’s been in the current post since 2013 doing consultant business and publication in digital, internet, and entertainment content. He previously headed up Tokyo Otona Club (series of publication where subculture contents were introduced) and well-versed in subculture. “General Purpose Technology” (published by Ascii Shinsho, co-written by Yuki Noguchi) is his book.

Tadashi SUDO
Tadashi SUDO

A journalist who covers, reports, and writes about animations of both Japan and abroad, and conduct research of Japanese animation industry. Previously wrote reports in the animation part in “Digital Content White Paper” and “Anime Industry Report”. After his career in a leading securities company, in 2002 he launched “Anime! Anime!”, a website providing information of Japanese animation, followed by the launch of “Anime! Anime! Biz” were he worked as editor in chief. IN 2012 he assigned the website to IID, Inc.
He also wrote articles and books such as the one in the animation part of Digital Content White Paper, and Anime Industry Report, as well as having his writings about Japanese animation industry published by Seikaisha, such as “Who will create anime ahead of now? – A silent revolution caused by China capital and streaming businness” and “How have Japanese anime directors broke into the globe?”.

Akinori Nakamura
Akinori (Aki) Nakamura Ph.D.

Professor at College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University/Director of Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies.
Being specialized in international management studies, he had conducted numerous visits and interviews with those people in China's Digital Game and Animation Industry Promotion Districts ranging from Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities. The results were published in "A History of the Chinese Game Industry" (Chapter 7).
Also, employing Transmedia Storytelling, an idea advanced in the West he researches the relationship between animation studios and game studios and has made some reports at academic conferences.


Managing Director of Studio M2. In the early days of TV animation he joined Mushi-Production where he was involved in animation production under Osamu Tezuka. In 1972 he established MADHOUSE Inc with Osamu Dezaki and as a producer created many titles including YAWARA, Perfect Blue, and The Girl Who Leapt Throughout Time. Afterword he established an animation studio MAPPA, followed by the establishment of Studio M2.


Established Character Databank (CDB) Co, in July 2000 after he worked as an editor of advertisement/marketing professional journals and as a researcher of a marketing company. In addition to managing projects at CDB, he commentates and writes about character business as an analyst. In 2014 he was involved in the establishment of Character Brand Licensing Association where he serves as a senior director. Also served as a member of selection committee of Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic mascot.

Special Selectors

Shigeru SAITO
Shigeru SAITO

Managing director and CEO of TOSE Co, Ltd, and serves as a vice president of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a chairman of Kyoto Cross Media Experience, and is originally from Kyoto. Since its establishment in 1979 TOSE has created and involved in more than 2,300 video game software and smartphone application development, and have been existing as an important power behind the scenes. Saito also have held key senior positions as a board member or a member of business/cultural association in Kyoto and around.


Managing director of GENCO inc. Maki joined TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION in 1977 and was involved in the acquisition of films from overseas countries, production and distribution of movies and animations. Then continued his career in Pioneer LDCC where he produced various animation titles, which then lead him to establish GENCO, a planning/producing company of animation, in 1997. By now he has produced over 100 animation titles including “Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie” (1995), “Millennium Actress” (2002), “Sword Art Online” (2012), and “In this Corner of the World” (2016).


Advertisement creator/producer. After working as an editor for specialist journals for publishing industry and other cultural magazines, Hayashi changed his career and started the one in advertising industry, and has been involved in various advertising promotion and planning of collaborations utilizing entertainment contents such as anime and manga. As a specialist of the field he’s done lots of writing and lectures.

Azusa Matsuda
Azusa Matsuda

Ms. Matsuda is a VP of Business Development at SPJA (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation) who loves connecting people and businesses to create chemistry and new opportunities to push the boundary of Pop culture events through Anime Expo. Being not only bilingual but bicultural, she takes pride in being a bridge between two cultures and committed to support promotion of Japan – U.S. communications and enhancement of mutual understanding.

Organized by

Ani-Monozukuri Award Planning Commitee

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Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair
Kyoto Cross Media Experience

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