Animonozukuri Awards

The 4th Animonozukuri Awards Entry Rules

Followings are abstract of Japanese entry rules. If there is a conflict between these terms and the original Japanese terms, the original terms will control for that conflict.

What is the Animonozukuri Awards?

100 years have passed since 'anime', or Japanese animation was born in Japan. And today, Japanese pop culture such as Japanese anime, manga, characters spread throughout the world including North America, Europe, Asia, and have acquired an enormous number of fans. Japanese anime now affects various things in the world such as business, culture and our lifestyle, like Hollywood movies.
"Animonozukuri", a coined word combining "anime" and "manufacturing" in Japanese, is a concept that widely point to those things, in other words, products or creations that influence and are influenced with Japanese pop culture.
"Animonozukuri Awards" are epoch-making creative awards that honor those advertisement, design and products using Japanese pop culture.
Our vision is linking Japanese pop culture with business around the world, and causing new innovation.

Entry & Selection

Targets and division (International Division)

Advertisements, promotions, digital campaigns, designs, products, etc., which used Japanese pop culture such as Japanese anime, manga, characters, games etc. are targeted.
Limitation: It must be released, published or implemented in areas other than Japan, between from January 1st, 2018 to December 31, 2019.


Companies and creators who directly engaged in works to entry.

Always be sure to obtain entry permission from selling or conducted company, rights holder etc. before entry.

Entry form

Please download the entry sheets (English or Japanese) from Animonozukuri official website and fill them, then email them us with supplementary material.

Supplementary material: Images of key visual, photo or video of products or events, and website screenshots. Please attach them up to 10 items.

Entry Deadline


Selection and announcement


Selection: "Animonozukuri administration office" conducts the primary review from all entry works, and the selection committee conducts final judging.


Announcement: We will hold the Animonozukuri Awards ceremony event in Tokyo in June 2020, and announce winning works. We will also publish them on Animonozukuri Official website.

Important Notes

The targets of International Division must be released outside of Japan. Works that are released inside of Japan must be entered in domestic divisions.

English and Japanese entry sheets are available.

Always be sure to obtain permission from rights holder / selling agency etc. before entry. Works without permission can not be entered. If we find a work that without permission after entry, it will be canceled.

We do not take any responsibility or liability for any troubles or loss regarding the awards.

By entry your works to the awards, you are agreeing to "Animinozukuri privacy policy" ( for handling personal information on your entry sheets.

Selection committee member

Selection chairperson

Takeshi Natsuno
Takeshi Natsuno

After graduating from Waseda University, He joined TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. After that, he graduated The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After vice president of venture company, he launched many services at NTT DoCoMo, especially "i-mode" and "osaifu-keitai"(digital wallet in cell phone). Today he is special invited professor of Keio University, also concurrently serving as director of DWANGO Co., Ltd., transcosmos inc., SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC., GREE, Inc., DLE Inc., USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., Oracle Corporation Japan.

Selection committee member

Takaaki Kidani
Takaaki Kidani

After graduating university, Kidani joined Yamaichi Securities. In 1994, he established Broccoli. He then founded, a trading card game company, Bushiroad, in May 2007.In 2012, Bushiroad acquired New Japan Pro Wrestling. In August 2014, Bushiroad opened their Singapore office. In October 2017, he resigned from his position as president. Now, as a board member, he manages the digital content and promotion division.

Tadashi Sudo
Tadashi Sudo

Tadashi Sudo is a journalist in the field of Japanese and international animation industry.
After working in a securities firm, he launched news sites "Anime!Anime!" and "Anime!Anime! biz", and served as editor-in-chief in 2004. In July 2016 he left "Anime! Anime!" and worked independently.
His major writing works include "Who makes the future of Anime Business?", and also he is the co-author of "Digital contents white paper" and "Animation Industry Report".

Atsushi Matsumoto
Atsushi Matsumoto

He is a journalist, contents producer, and researcher (Hosei University social studies concurrent lecturer). After passing through IT venture, publisher, advertising agency, animation business company etc, now to free journalist. While exploiting the experience in the content business, he reveals the trends of digital technology, animation, etc. and the relationship with society from the business point of view. He is contributing, ITmedia, Toyokeizai Online, etc.

Masao Maruyama
Masao Maruyama

He is representative director and president of Studio M2. In the creation period of television animation, he joined Mushi Productions (former) and engaged in animation production under Tezuka Osamu. In 1972, he became independent with Osamu Dezaki et al. and established MADHOUSE. He has worked on many projects such as "YAWARA!" "Perfect Blue" "The Girl Who Leapt Through the Time" as a projector and producer. After establishing MAPPA, an animation production company, he established Studio M2 in 2016.

Kazuo Rikukawa
Kazuo Rikukawa

After editor of advertising / marketing specialized magazine, researcher of marketing company etc, he established Character Data Bank (CDB) in July 2000. In addition to supervising the CDB project, he also conducts commentators at TV, writing at newspapers and magazines, and lecture activities, etc. as a character business analyst. He also established the general incorporated association Character Brand License Association in 2014, and now is Managing Director. He is also a member of the Tokyo 2020 Mascot Selection Panel.

Executive Selection Committee

Taro Maki (Anime-Busience)
Ryutaro Hayashi (Gari-Gari)


Animonozukuri Awards Executive Committee



Business magazine for Japanese animation industry that was launched in 2013.


Japanese business news media introducing advertising promotion that utilizes anime and manga.

Japanese most popular business and financial news media since March 2010.


Q: What kind of works can be entered in international division of Animonozukuri Awards?

A: Advertisements, designs, products, etc. can be entered that utilize Japanese pop cultures such as anime, manga, characters, games, etc. born in Japan.
For example,

TV commercials, signboards and web advertisements using Japanese anime.

Products such as sweets, beverages, etc. designed with Japanese anime characters on its package

Craft design utilizing Japanese manga characters

Fashion clothing with Japanese game character designed

Q: Does it cost to enter my works?

A: Free. There is no cost for selection and awards.

Q: Do I need permission from selling agency or other stakeholders of the anime or characters?

A: Yes, you must obtain permission before entry. Always be sure to obtain entry permission from selling or conducted company, rights holder etc. before entry. Works without permission can not be entered. If we find a work that without permission after entry, it will be canceled. Including costs related those permissions, we do not take any responsibility or liability for any troubles or loss regarding the awards.

Q: Are there benefits to winning the awards?

A: Gold, silver and bronze prizes are awarded by the administration committee such as certificates of commendation. For Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards, you can use the awards winning logo on their website etc. for 2 years from the award date. When using the logo with product package, advertisement, etc., permission from the administration office is required.

Q: Who is eligible for the award?

A: Companies such as publishers, manufacturers and advertisers of the entered works are eligible for awards.
For example,

In the case of collaborative products of confectionery manufacturer using Japanese anime characters and releasing, the award recipient is a confectionery manufacturer.

Q: Who can write the entry sheets?

A: Anyone who is the member of company or creator who directly engaged in the entered work can be filled in the entry sheets.

Q: How are the videos and images sent for entry used?

A: We will use it at the awards ceremony ceremony venue, official website, etc.

Q: How do I provide videos?

A: Please send them to us online.

Q: Is there a specification of the video format for entry?

A: It does not matter the video format if we can watch them on a general PC, for example, MP4, MOV, MPEG etc. Please contact the administration office for any questions.
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