Award Details

[Items eligible for application]

Any products/services/advertisements/promotions that utilize anime/manga/characters/etc., and sold published/implemented between 1 January 2020 and 30 June 2022.


(1) Animation CM Category

Animated video advertisements that are published on TV or websites will be considered.

(2) Contents Collaboration Category

Items that are merchandised or collaborate and utilize the characteristic or story of the existing intellectual properties (anime/manga/characters) will be considered.

(3) Original Contents Category

Items that utilize original content (i.e. videos or any original content utilizing the company’s original character) produced by business enterprises for the purpose of product/service development or promoting the company itself will be considered.

(4) Craft Design Category

Among items such as commercial items produced by business enterprises utilizing anime/manga/characters, traditional handicrafts collaborating with traditional handicrafts, and any novelty items, those that have superior craft design will be considered.

(5) Technology and Innovation Category

Products and services that combine anime/manga/characters and information technology and therefore entertaining and highly technological innovative will be considered.

(6) International Category

Marketing activities, such as TV ads, collaboration, craft designs that utilizes Japanese anime/manga/game/characters implemented in areas outside Japan will be considered.

(7) Regional Revitalization Category

Items and efforts implemented by companies/organizations/municipal bodies for the purpose of revitalizing the business in local regions utilizing anime/manga/characters will be considered.

(8) Grand Prize

To be given to the best item among all categories.

Ani-Monozukuri Planning Committee may change the categories and their contents without prior notice depending on application status.

* Only direct applications are accepted in principle. Application to more than one category is accepted.

* Items that were previously applied to up to the 3rd Ani-Monozukuri Award and to the first Kyoto Ani-Monozukuri Award will not be considered.

* As “Anime x Other Industries” is the theme of the awards, items such as the promotions of new volume of a manga planned by a publishing company or commercial toys that are mere merchandise of an anime will not be considered. For further clarifications please feel free to reach us.

* Categories may change without prior notice depending on the situation.

[Award Rules]

Ani-Monozukuri Award, and Kyoto Ani-Monozukuri Award 2022 (hereinafter called “the Award”) are the awards specialized with the collaboration of animation content and commercial companies/organizations, hosted by Ani-Monozukuri Award Planning Committee (hereinafter called “the Committee”).
Applicants must submit images and videos of the applied titles/projects with the agreement to this award rules. The applicant shall be deemed to have agreed with the rules by making the application.

Clause 1: Application to the Award

1. Entry sheet downloadable from the official website of the Award must be filled and submitted through email. For videos and pictures that cannot be attached through email please submit through online storage services and indicate an URL for download. Applicants wishing to submit physical products can post them directly to the Committee.

2. Expenses incurred in connection with the application must be covered by applicants.

3. Applicants must obtain the permission by author prior to the application.
* Application will be deemed invalid once it proved without the prior permission by the author

4. Materials whose copyright and portrait right attributes to third party must have permission by the copyright holder/concerned parties.
In case the Committee receives any claims of copyright infringements or damage compensation by third parties, the applicant holds the Committee harmless against such claims, and shall be fully responsible for dealing with the case properly, including the cost burden.

5. Upon submitting the application to the Award, the applicant shall be deemed to have agreed with the rules by making the application.
The Committee has right to cancel the application/prize in case it is proved that the applicant violated the rule.

6. Matters not specified in the rule should be decided by the Committee, and the applicant have rights to cancel the application in case they do not accept the decision.
In such case the Committee will not refund the party’s expenses incurred in connection with the application.

7. Applicants may lose the eligibility for application in case it is proved that the party infringed the regulatory provision before the last day of selection of the Award.

8. Applicants shall not vote objections to the Award’s promotional activities.

9. The Committee may cancel the application in case it finds the applied item unacceptable against public policy.

Clause 2: Selection

1. Applied items will be reviewed by a chief selector, selectors, and special selectors according to the Award’s screening criteria.

2. The Committee will not respond to any inquiries related to the selection.

Clause 3: Award-Winning

1. All award-winning items may be introduced to medium that have connection with the Award.

2. The Award may ask the award recipient to re-submit the images/videos of the project.

3. The Award may ask the award recipient to add necessary modification to the applied items before they are introduced to the aforesaid medium.

Clause 4: Use of Personal Information

Upon application, the Committee asks the applicant to provide contact details including name/email address/etc (collectively called “Personal Information”). The Committee is responsible for the appropriate use of the provided information according to the Privacy Policy.

Clause 5: Copyright

While the copyright of the applied item attributes to the applicant, the Committee has right to utilize the submitted items through the Committee’s medium, trial, presentation, online and offline events, the Award’s official website, and variety of seminars for the purpose of promoting the Award. The Committee also hold rights to utilize the submitted items without charge on medium such as newspapers, magazines, and TV for 3 years between 1 May 2022 and 30 April 2025.

Clause 6: Use of the title and the logo of “Ani-Monozukuri Awards”

1. Award recipients as well as the nominees may introduce the receipt or the nomination in the company’s official website/press release/official SNS, with the logo and title of the award. In this case the standard nomenclature of the relevant year must be written (i.e. “Kyoto Ani-Monozukuri Award 2022” in case the party is awarded in 2022).

Clause 7: Prohibited matters

1. Applicants must not conduct the following activities:
(1) act of abusing the services provided by the Committee, (2) act of infringing the copyright/portrait right/other intellectual property right of other applicants or third parties, (3) act of discriminating, accusing, threatening, infringing privacy and human rights of other applicants and third parties, (4) act of infringing the honor and credence of the Committee, (5) act of impeding the operation of the Committee, (6) any acts of, or acts possibly breaking laws, ordinance, and public policy, and (7) other acts the Committee regards as inadequate and inappropriate.

2. Pursuant to the previous clause, applicants shall be fully legally responsible for any matters in case their activities cause damages to the Committee and other third parties, and hold the Committee and other third parties harmless against any damages.

3. 3. The Committee holds right to cancel the application and the prize without prior notice in case it reasonably judges that the applicants have conducted activities listed in clause 2.

Clause 8: Indemnification

1. Applicants shall guarantee that the copyright, portrait right, and other intellectual rights of the materials submitted for the application do not infringe the rights of third parties, and hold the Committee harmless against any liabilities.

2. The Committee shall not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and serviceability of the submitted materials and information.

3. The Committee shall not be responsible for any damages caused from the actions by applicants and brought to other applicants and supporters, and any issues related to such damages must be resolved between the concerned parties.

Clause 9: Temporally discontinuation of the Award

The Award may be altered, added, temporally discontinued or stopped before the intended closure date without prior notice.

Supplementary note:

The Committee holds right to make decisions related to matters not stipulated in this rule. This Rule can be changed without the prior notice.

End of the Award Rules

Supplementary Clause
Enforcement Date: 20 February 2017
Amended: 27 April 2022

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